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Caravan Beast by

Go back to your adventure, tamer!

Collect all the beast and become the best Beast Master!

Hatch your beast from the Striker, Shield, or Arcane egg,

what will you get? a sneaky Combatant Seph, or hard-shell Guardian Toru?

go hatch it now and raise them from Baby state to Legendary state!

Unlock the secret formula to mutating them into stronger shape!

Become the beast Beast Master by defeating 4 city master and

completing the beast guide through exploring and discovering knowledge from Ara region.

Travelling with your beast from small forest to desert and dark region!

You'll battle other tamer in the road, from the stubborn Geologist to sacred Dragon clan!

Don't forget to buy the caravan that suited you, either it Royal caravan or

Hive caravan.

New Arcana system!

Unlock Arcana skill like Fiery Ground or Tree of Life to aid your beast in battle,

Arcana skill are unlocked by improving your relationship with beast,

such as feeding them or leveling up them,

Choose the right Arcana for your party!

Discover the Ara region fantasy world of Caravan Beast by Goody Gameworks.

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